About Kashiwazaki Seika

As a farmer in Aomori Prefecture, we are pursuing the world’s best taste.
We strive for the good quality of our ingredients and provide safety and security based on scientific basis.
We are also conscious of health and show the evidence of nutritional ingredients.

① The cultivation is certified by G-GAP and has a clear set of cultivation standards.
② We have introduced a management system for HACCP into our processing.
③ We are working with research institutions to analyze health components and take care of the health of our customers.
④ We are concerned about the environment by developing recycling-based cultivation and business.

We have export records in more than 20 countries to date, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. We have been selling a wide range of agricultural products, mainly Chinese yam and black garlic.

We have delivered to not only supermarkets and retail stores but also the restaurants mentioned in the Michelin Guide. We have been working with our partner companies to determine the form and distribution method appropriate to the situation in each country.

Trade performance
①For retails
Food wholesalers
Shops for natural food
Retail stores, etc.

②For professional use
Food wholesalers
Restaurants, Food Processing Companies, etc.

Products to be handled
Chinese yam (cut)
Black garlic
Burdock (cut)
Dried vegetables, etc.


Renato Favaro, an internationally famous chef, and Shin-ichi Kashiwazaki, President of Kashiwazaki Seika

Renato serves course menus featuring a lot of black garlic from Aomori, lining up with the finest ingredients in the world.

A serving suggestion using black garlic from Aomori

A poêlé of duck breast meat with fruity, black garlic from Aomori